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Benoit Baudry

Research scientist
DevOps has emerged, as a major cultural movement to handle the need for increased agility in software development. While this movement is loosely bound to development methods, a number of practices have emerged to operationalize this extreme agility: loosely coupled software architectures meant to support incremental updates and build (services or micro services with clear APIs); a very high degree of automation at multiple stages of the development lifecycle. Quality assurance is a major challenge in this context. There is very little time for manual testing and the responsibility of bug detection is placed upon the automated test suites. STAMP (Software Testing AMPlification), is a new European R&D project, which aims to bolster automated test suites through the automatic transformation of test assets. The key technical challenge that STAMP aims at overcoming is to reduce the cost due to regression bugs that propagate to production, through advanced research in automatic test generation. The key novelty of our research agenda is to leverage existing assets (such as test cases or execution logs) in order to increase test effectiveness. This innovative research is at the crossroads of program analysis and transformation, software testing, automatic deployment and search-based software engineering.