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Craig Box

Cloud Native Advocacy Lead 云原生支持主管
Craig Box leads the Cloud Native (Kubernetes & Istio) advocacy team at Google Cloud. He has worked with customers and communities since the launch of Kubernetes in 2014, and has delivered talks on 6 continents, including a keynote at KubeCon EU. He is the co-host of the Kubernetes Podcast from Google.

Craig started his career in systems administration, and has over 15 years of experience in development, deployment, DevOps, consulting, advisory and management roles around the world.

Craig Box 负责领导谷歌云(Google Cloud)云原生支持(Kubernetes 与 Istio)团队。2014 年推出 Kubernetes 以来,他一直与客户和社区合作,在六大洲发表多场研究,其中包括 KubeCon 欧盟大会的主题报告。谷歌 Kubernetes Podcast 由他联合创办。

Craig 最初在系统管理领域工作,在全球研发、部署、开发运营、咨询、支持与管理领域拥有 15 年丰富经验。